Refurbishing / Renovations

If you've been in need of a partial or full renovation of your single or multi-family home, condo, business or commercial building, or other facility, call Dorough Brothers Development and Consulting in Orlando. We hold some of the highest praised renovations in the area because our creative team works around the clock to get your building looking exactly how you’ve imagined it. Our highest standards for craftsmanship, attention to detail and excellence haven’t changed since we’ve been in the business, and it’s extremely evident in a big way.

Why us for your renovations?

Other real estate developers in Orlando might not “get it”. You may be wondering what it is exactly that they don’t get, which is a simple explanation. Passion. When working with Dorough Brothers, you immediately get the feeling that we love what we do. So it only makes sense to hire contractors who share the same vision as we do, not just for the project design, but for customer service and satisfaction. Each and every team member involved in your refurbishing project share equal passion for the job, and getting done right.

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