Development from the Ground Up

This is our bread and butter. This is what we do, and where our true passions reside. Real estate development is anything involving land and the construction or refurbishment of a structure on said land. It takes a keen eye for detail and a creative vision to succeed in the real estate development business. Real estate development means looking at a lot of dirt and envisioning a beautiful edifice that could be constructed on it, utilizing resources and making it happen.

The Dorough Brothers specialize in ground up development of single and multi-family homes, businesses, hotels and other facilities. We leverage our relationships with retailers to enter markets where we buy land, develop it from the ground up, and produce quality buildings that hold value and enhance the aesthetics of its community. Being that we are top-notch real estate developers in Orlando, we possess the necessary traits, skills and natural born aptitude to achieve the absolute best with the resources we maintain.

Developing real estate from the ground up is a challenging business endeavor to say the least. It requires financial backing from investors, a firm understanding of zoning laws and other regulations, as well as project management. On top of that, it requires the communication skills necessary to negotiate with local business owners and representatives, local authorities, contractors who will perform the design and/or construction and landscaping work and a slew of others who may be involved in the project. It’s important to have strong diplomacy skills and communication, so you know Dorough Brothers Development and Consulting in Orlando is equipped to get the project done right.

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